Sunday, August 12, 2012

Launch of a New Blog

Proud to announce the launch of a new joint blog "50 Thoughts to the Dollar". This will be a joint venture by me and a few of my friends whose thoughts and areas of interest I consider diverse and valuable. They will introduce themselves as they post.

My primary motivation for starting this blog (which may or may not be different from my fellow posters) is to have a space where a few knowledgeable people can join in conversation on diverse but related topics, engage each other, etc. A great example of this is The Conversation by the NYT Opinionator. The economics blogosphere is also very good at this.

A secondary motivation is that I think that this would be a great way to keep in touch with friends, considering that our geographic diversity (NYC, Philly, St Louis, California), career diversity (large firms, small firms, finance, technology, business school, entrepreneurs) and diversity in perspective.

We are aiming for 1-2 posts / week / blogger, so it'd work out to around 10 posts a week in aggregate. As time goes by, we'll see how realistic this is.

As for the blog name, Justin and Sean came up with it. On an unrelated thought, if someone gives you "a penny for your thoughts" for "just my two cents", isn't this just an illustration of the bid-ask spread? Seems very profitable to be a market maker in thoughts.


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    1. Commenting thing is being weird... I said funny joke at the end about market making.